OEM Parts

OEM Manufacturing

An original equipment manufacturer — OEM — produces equipment and parts for other companies in a variety of industries. As your OEM sheet metal fabricator in Central PA, APX York Sheet Metal provides exceptional quality using our custom precision engineering techniques. With dependable execution and quick prototyping, our specialists create parts that comply with your unique specifications.

Several of our OEM capabilities include:

  • Bending and forming

  • Inserting

  • Laser cutting

  • Machining

  • Powder coating and finishing

  • Welding and fabrication

OEM manufacturing at APX York Sheet Metal involves the use of many forms of technology tools such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks to ensure accuracy and durability.

OEM Metal Fabrication Process

OEM metal bending in Central PA begins with metal cutting, where our engineers use different tools to form unique shapes. Anywhere from notches and lasers to saws and shears, our technology can create any figure and size of metal fabrication.

The next step is where we form the metal by using pressure with machines that perform rolling and press banking. It’s here that we can craft a variety of thicknesses to suit your application, which increases versatility. The final phase is assembly. APX York Sheet Metal professionals assemble and join metals through welding to formulate the final OEM product. Our fabrication processes include laser cutting, bending, inserts/pems, welding, powder coating and grinding.

Northern MD Industries Served

OEM parts manufacturing in Northern Maryland at APX York Sheet Metal custom-fabricates components for a range of businesses such as:

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Material Handling

  • Computer software equipment

When we make equipment, our clients often market the pieces under their brand name. As an OEM, we can create entire devices or specific components depending on what your company requires. OEMs are more likely to meet standards and original product specifications. As such, we generate OEM computer software equipment for different operating systems. As OEM computer software companies continue to grow and innovate, they rely on York Sheet Metal to keep up with the constant upgrades of the industry.

OEM Material Handling companies also rely on York Sheet Metal to supply various component parts used to create large scare material handling equipment. It’s common for material handling companies to order large quantities of component pieces to keep in their inventory for future installations or as replacement parts.

We can design, manufacture and implement OEM parts for any industry so you can develop necessary products for your end users.

Choose APX York Sheet Metal for OEM Part Fabrication

Offering OEM metal fabrication in Northern Maryland, APX York Sheet Metal provides quick turnarounds whether you’re in the automotive or construction industry. Combining our exceptional fabrication skills with excellent customer service, we ensure your products are ready to reach the market. Our engineers can perform large-quantity jobs as well as complex projects without outsourcing any part of the metal manufacturing process. We handle our shipments and operations in-house to provide quality and reliability.

Rely on our OEM sheet metal bending in Central PA by calling 717-767-2704 or contacting us online for a free quote.