Metal Bending

Custom Metal Product Design Services

Are you looking for sheet metal bending services in northern Maryland or central Pennsylvania? Then you’ve come to the right place, because as a leading sheet metal bending company in central Pennsylvania, we have everything you need for custom sheet metal fabrication in-house.

Sheet Metal Bending Process

Sheet metal bending, also referred to as sheet metal forming, is the process of applying force to a piece of sheet metal in order to change its shape. The bending process takes place using an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic press. The two most common shapes are U and V, although the metal can also be formed into corrugations, curls, flanges or other shapes.

Industries Using Metal Bending Services

At APX York Sheet Metal, we offer sheet metal bending services in northern Maryland and central Pennsylvania to the following industries:

  • Manufacturing/machinery OEMS

  • Construction equipment manufacturers

  • Material handling/logistics solutions providers

  • Energy/environmental solutions providers

  • Web handling and printing equipment OEMS

  • Industrial enclosures and cabinets

  • Custom performance fabrications

If you don’t see your industry on this list, don’t worry, since we always do our best to accommodate each customer. Feel free to contact us so we may provide you with the solution you’re looking for!

Sheet Metals That Can Be Bent

There are several materials that can be bent and formed using our sheet metal forming services in central Pennsylvania:

  • Carbon steel: Thanks to our longstanding relationships with leading mills, we have access to high-quality carbon steel sheets, rods, plates, angles, channels and other input materials. In general, we work with a thickness range of between 24 GA. – 3/4 inches with sheet dimensions of 60-by-120 inches and powder coating of maximum 30-by-14-by-10 feet

  • Stainless steel: With 72 years of experience forming and welding stainless steel, we can deliver precisely the design and quality your project requires. General specifications are a thickness range of between 24 GA. – 3/8 inches with sheet dimensions of 60-by-120 inches — and we will polish to customer-specified finishes.

  • Galvanized or galvannealed steel: Some applications require galvanized or galvannealed steel for additional protection from corrosion. Our welders are experienced in working with these types of materials to meet your specifications. We use G40 and G60, as well as A40 and A60, at a maximum thickness of 11 GA. Additional coating types are available upon request.

Our Metal Bending Technology

When it comes to sheet metal bending in central Pennsylvania for a wide range of applications, you need cutting-edge technology to get world-class results. At APX York Sheet Metal, we use only the best technology for custom sheet metal fabrication, including:

  • Pro ENGINEER Wildfire

  • AutoCAD

  • AutoDesk®Inventor®

  • DS SolidWorks

In addition, we use both German and American-made tooling to ensure all our sheet metal fabrications are of the highest possible quality.

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For more than 70 years, we have been providing the best in sheet metal bending services in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. Although the world has changed tremendously since 1946, we have made it our mission to meet our customers’ changing needs — all while still providing quality products, top-notch customer service and the quickest possible turnaround time for orders both large and small.

Because we know how important quality and efficiency are to your business, we are a one-stop shop for all sheet metal bending services, with all the required expertise, technology and equipment in-house. What’s more, we handle all shipments ourselves instead of through a third-party vendor to ensure they arrive on time and with no mishaps along the way.

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