Custom Enclosures

Custom Enclosure Fabrication

APX York Sheet Metal gives every client the opportunity to custom design enclosures through our fabrication processes. Whether you have it planned to a “T” or you need extra support in determining what will work well for your project, our engineers will help you craft an enclosure built to your particular requirements.

We begin with a project assessment that includes detailed specifications. We review the design with you and approve the drawings with one of our software tools such as SolidWorks or AutoCAD. Once we know the exact specifications and measurements, our team of experts begins the manufacturing process while conducting elaborate inspections before shipping. We produce each tailored design with top-quality materials at competitive prices.

We can manufacture a range of configurations that comply with your requirements via fabrication processes like laser cutting, bending, inserts/pem, welding, grinding and powder coating.

Types of Custom Enclosures

The two primary enclosures APX York Sheet Metal fabricates are electrical and industrial. Typical industries that rely on enclosures include manufacturing & machinery OEMs, construction equipment manufacturers, material handling and environmental solution providers. Any space that needs durable yet aesthetically-pleasing designs relies on our expertise. Our professionals work with stainless, galvanized & plain steel as well as aluminum and other materials, and finish each product by applying a protective powder coat in order to prevent against chips, scratches & rust.

We can create enclosures according to your dimensional requirements and make cutouts and holes, weld half or full couplings and modify mounting panels. APX York Sheet Metal can form adjustable doors and swing panels, create special finishes and colors and install accessories, silk screening and machine unique shapes.


Electrical enclosures are cabinets designed for electrical equipment where you can mount displays, switches and knobs. They protect gears from the elements and keep users safe. Often made of stainless or carbon steel and aluminum, the enclosures can be powder coated or galvanized while supporting industries like telecommunications, IT/server, traffic control, cable or wire management and solar power battery.

With our custom electrical enclosures in Central PA, you can install cabinets inside or out to protect your components.


Industrial enclosures are similar to electrical, as they protect and house components and devices like operational controls, circuit breakers, meters, wiring and cables, instruments, sensors and other items. They even protect your technology from electromagnetic and radio interference — along with the elements like harsh sun and rain — to keep your company’s operations running.

APX York Sheet Metal custom industrial enclosures in Northern Maryland serve industries ranging from material handling, oil and gas, food processing and automotive to refineries, agricultural and machine tooling.

Choose APX York Sheet Metal

With 71 years of experience in the industry and a family-owned business, APX York Sheet Metal custom fabricates enclosures for any application. We specialize in bending while providing quality and reliable products. We offer quick turnaround times, superior customer service and don’t outsource a single step in the metal part fabrication process. Our engineers can take on significant projects as well as ones that are more intricate. We also handle all shipments and operations in-house.

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All of our fabricated metal products are made in the USA.

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