Industrial Equipment

Custom Fabrication for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Businesses implement heavy industrial equipment and infrastructure to distribute their goods and services in many fields, and they require reliable manufacturers to receive related parts and subassemblies.

However, if your supplies begin to fall behind the ability to meet demand, you might risk losing business in favor of other competitors who offer a more comprehensive package. If you need help with your industrial equipment part fabrication, APX York Sheet Metal is well-equipped to assist you.

We opened our doors in 1946, and since then we’ve remained committed to offering the best custom industrial fabrication services throughout central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

We Offer All Kinds of Industrial Fabrication Services

We’ve worked with many kinds of OEM businesses and industries that dabble or focus on heavy equipment production, which gives us a plethora of experience that we utilize to craft unique solutions for your needs. Examples include:

  • Mining machine manufacturers

  • Agriculture equipment manufacturers

  • Construction equipment manufacturers

  • Material handling and storage solutions

  • Energy solutions providers

  • Custom fabrication requests

We focus on creating parts that precisely meet your design and set the standard on quality, all while offering quick turnaround times to keep your production flowing at a smooth rate. Some applications include:

  • Enclosures for electrical components

  • Structural frames

  • Base frame for motors

  • A wide range of conveyor systems and parts

  • Water chillers

  • Panels

  • Commercial cooling

And that’s all simply scratching the surface. We operate out of a large facility in York, PA, that covers 65,000 square feet, and our building is stocked with premier fabrication technology and the experts who skillfully operate it all. You can select from a range of certified metals, including varying grades of steel and aluminum, to meet your specifications.

Outsourcing your work can be troublesome as is, and nobody wants to commission multiple businesses to do different aspects of the same job, as that cause prices to dramatically increase. We aim to make your job easier and more cost-efficient, so we will pair unparalleled customer service with an all-encompassing, do-it-all approach.

We are truly your one-stop shop for custom metal fabrication, as we perform laser-cutting, bending, welding, grinding and painting. Ultimately, you won’t find another local fabrication facility that can deliver results like we can. From small, intricate requests to large-quantity orders, we’re equipped with the necessary tools to make your vision a reality.

We’re also flexible and maintain open communications. If you receive finished parts and find that we could make tweaks to enhance their efficiency, reach out so we can institute the change in the next run. You can’t do that if you’re ordering stock components, which are often geared toward general application.

Contact APX York Sheet Metal for Industrial Fabrication Services

From start to finish, we will strive to ensure your total satisfaction with the results we provide. Our in-house experts will receive the accolades for the actual work, but none of it would be possible without our customer service representatives, who will help to guide you through the process as much as they can.

We offer free quotes for our industrial equipment part fabrication, so feel free to reach out. Contact us today to get started.