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Our Customers

APX York Sheet Metal is proud to serve customers across a variety of industries. If you don’t see your industry below, don’t worry – reach out to 717-767-2704 or email [email protected] and let us show you what we can do.

If it’s steel fabrication, we’ve got you covered.

Our designers collaborate with you to conceptualize, design and manufacture components and parts that you require to uphold a productive and reliable company. We can even manufacture accurate prototypes so you can visualize and communicate your particular ideas before committing to an entire project, which saves you time and money. Our full metal fabrication capabilities include cutting, bending, welding, grinding and painting to make custom modules.

Here are a few of the industries we work with:
Electronics & Technology

Ensuring a safe environment for all of your electronic equipment is more important than ever. Extensive heat exposure, water runoff and typical wear and tear can quickly damage your electronics if not properly enclosed & protected.

Our customers who require electronics housing & enclosures come to APX York Sheet Metal to work with them on their specific project. Whether it is a larger, multi-year enclosure program or a ‘one-off’ job that requires a quality result, APX York Sheet Metal stands at the ready to support you and your team.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

APX York Sheet Metal supplies high-quality part fabrication & enclosures to industrial equipment manufacturers that want to communicate quality, workmanship and value to their customers. 

With decades of experience working with the world’s leading manufacturing & machinery OEMs, APX York Sheet Metal knows what it takes to get the job done.

Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Presenting a high-quality product is a must in the international construction equipment market. APX York Sheet Metal gives many of America’s leading construction equipment OEMs an edge by allowing them to ensure that their equipment stands above the rest.

Whether it is providing fabrications and assemblies for new product introductions, providing fast-turnarounds on spare parts orders or ensuring cost-down targets are being achieved, APX York Sheet Metal knows how to deliver concrete results.

Material Handling

As online retail growth continues to boom, consumers demand faster delivery of an ever-wider variety of products. Our material handling & logistics industry customers rely on APX York Sheet Metal to enable them to turn-around customized conveyance and material handling solutions more quickly and efficiently. Quality is a must, but response times that minimize retailer downtime can be the difference between success and failure.

OEM Manufacturing

As an OEM, we fabricate metal parts to the company’s specifications, which can then be branded with the company’s name. We meet all original product specifications when creating these devices or specific components, ensuring the highest quality for your customers.

We work with a variety of companies and have experience designing & manufacturing OEM parts for multiple industries. Learn more about our OEM part fabrication process today.

Alternative Energy

APX York Sheet Metal fabrications can be found in energy & environmental projects around the United States and Europe. The world’s leading energy companies trust us with their business because they know they can count on us to deliver results.

APX York Sheet Metal understands that having suppliers that you can count on to tackle all of your fabrication work efficiently is essential to compete in today’s energy market. We know that delays can have massive project cost implications and we work with you develop delivery schedules that ensure your project stays on track.

Custom Fabrications

APX York Sheet Metal doesn’t shy away from a challenge. We work with large and small companies in any industry that demand superior value and performance.

Our team of engineers and designers can engage to support everything from product design to cost-down manufacturing redesign.

Call 717-767-2704 or request a quote online and let us show you what we can do.