Sheet Metal Welding Services in PA & MD

Welding Fabrication Process

APX York Sheet Metal is a steel welding company in Central PA that offers our clients precision welding solutions. We support industries and applications throughout Central Pennsylvania and our expertise in welding various materials like carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel will give you the results you’re looking for.

But before that, it’s vital to understand the variety of processes we use and which may best suit your sheet metal fabrication project.

MIG & TIG Welding Methods

By choosing the correct welding procedure for your parts, we can shorten turn around times & provide premium-quality results. The main difference between MIG — metal inert gas — and TIG — tungsten inert gas — is that one has a constant feeding wire and the other doesn’t. While TIG requires you to use welding rods and feed them through the weld puddle, MIG has a continuous flow. However, both use an electric arc to make welding possible.

MIG is an easy and simple process where a welder works with a continuously feeding spool of wire. The method involves burning the metal and fusing the base and parent metals together. It can work with materials such as stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. While we can weld a range of thicknesses, MIG is ideal for forming thicker materials and in less time compared to TIG. Also known as gas metal arc welding, it’s a faster technique and is easier to use, more forgiving and great for first-timers.

The TIG method uses non-consumable tungsten electrodes and instead runs a current through the metals. It’s often used for thinner-gauge pieces because it takes more time to heat the parts to create a bond. TIG is a finer and more delicate process that requires more control over the pressure, timing and electric current. It sometimes relies on computer controls as opposed to by-hand and is for experienced professionals.

Central PA & Northern MD Industries Served

Trying to determine which service your parts require comes down to the job at hand. If you are working with thicker pieces, MIG may be the best bet while TIG is an excellent choice for thinner welding jobs. But no matter which welding process we decide to use for your project, you can trust APX York Sheet Metal to provide high-quality results for your company. We offer our expert welding services to create custom solutions for a variety of industries, including:

  • Construction equipment manufacturers

  • Custom performance fabrications

  • Energy and environmental solution providers

  • Industrial enclosures and cabinets

  • Manufacturing and machinery OEMs

  • Material handling and logistics solution providers

  • Web handling and printing equipment OEMs

Our Metal Welding Technology

Our sheet metal welding services in Central PA deliver custom welding with modern machines and technology. Our trained engineers provide precise and efficient manufacturing abilities using the right tools to give you the parts that match your requirements. Our technology includes:

  • Betterman Stud Welder

  • HyperTherm Plasma Cutter

  • Lincoln Square Wave

  • Loors Spot Welders

  • Miller Deltaweld

Choose APX For Your Custom Sheet Metal Welding Services

As your premier sheet metal welding company in Northern Maryland and Central PA, APX York Sheet Metal can fabricate custom sheet metal parts and offer expert welding services. We are a family-owned company with 71 years of experience to give you quality and reliable solutions. Our experts provide quick turnaround times and excellent customer service and we can take on large projects with confidence. We also perform more intricate jobs and we handle all shipments and processes in-house.

Call a representative today at 717-767-2704 to receive a quote for your next welding project. You can also submit a contact form to learn more about our welding services.