Areas We Serve

At APX York Sheet Metal, we perform sheet metal fabrication for York, PA, Central PA, Northern MD, Washington, DC and other East Coast locations. Customers across the country value our versatility, customer service and fast turnaround. As a one-stop-shop for sheet metal fabrication, we provide all of our services in-house. Learn more about the areas we serve and our offerings.

Customers From Across the U.S. Welcome

Potential customers across the country can rely on our ability to leverage national logistics for their businesses. Companies within two hours of our 65,000-square-foot York facility regularly count on us for high-quality parts and fast turnaround times, and we can service customers in other areas upon request. An investment in fabrication services from APX York Sheet Metal provides unparalleled results. Our knowledgeable customer support team is prepared to answer customer inquiries from across the United States.

Our Capabilities

The metal fabrication shop at APX York Sheet Metal has multiple capabilities, including:

  • Custom metal fabrication: Our craftsmen can fabricate sheet metal of various types into parts that meet your specifications. We specialize in metal bending and provide a full range of services for every step of the process.

  • Custom enclosures: We can develop custom enclosures for electrical and industrial applications. Our reliable enclosures house critical devices and components for a variety of industries.

  • Steel fabrication: The APX York Sheet Metal team can perform a variety of steel fabrication services. We offer galvanized steel fabrication, carbon steel fabrication and stainless steel fabrication.

  • Aluminum fabrication: When you need a lightweight solution, we can provide aluminum fabrication services. Our craftsmen can work with multiple grades of aluminum to suit your specifications.

We utilize advanced equipment and technology in our metal fabrication processes.

Services Provided to Central PA, Northern MD
and Other East Coast Locations

Our team performs all of the following services in-house:

  • Product design: We have a world-class team of engineers ready to help you design your next product. Once we create a design, we can manufacture it to your specifications.

  • Metal bending: Our team specializes in metal bending that shapes steel to your specified appearance. We can bend multiple types of steel for your project.

  • Metal rolling: When you need a cylindrical part for your product, we can roll pipes, cones, channels and more rolled objects.

  • Laser cutting: Advanced laser cutting technology allows us to cut shapes out of metal of various thicknesses.

  • Machining: We can combine forming, cutting, grinding and drilling to shape a piece of metal into the part you need.

  • Metal shearing: Our metalworkers specialize in shearing as a reliable approach to cutting metal.

  • Welding: After we cut and shape the parts you need, we can join them using fusion welding.

  • Powder coating: At the end of the metal fabrication process, we can apply a powder coating that resists corrosion.

Wherever you’re located, we hope you’ll allow us to partner with you through every step of metal fabrication.

Industries Served

APX York Sheet Metal serves a wide range of industries, including:

  • Electronics and technology

  • Industrial equipment

  • Construction

  • Material handling

  • OEM manufacturing

  • Alternative energy enclosures

If you need steel fabrication for another industry, we encourage you to contact us. We work with any customer who needs high-quality results.

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Rely on APX York Sheet Metal for custom metal fabrication solutions for your company’s needs. We provide scalable services that can accommodate both small and large projects. Customers in York, PA, Central PA, Northern MD, Washington, DC and beyond can request metal fabrication from our one-stop-shop. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us online today.