Material Handling

Material Handling Equipment Part Fabrication

The storage and transport of a company’s essential items need to be efficient, or it otherwise runs the risk of experiencing issues related to inventory management, employee safety, damaged goods and much more.

Many suppliers design their handling equipment to be general purpose, but that may not offer the best answer to a customer’s needs. Instead, you can commission custom metal fabrication to create unique solutions that fit desired specifications.

If your business operates in central Pennsylvania or northern Maryland, APX York Sheet Metal carries the combination of expertise and resources needed to tackle your requests related to material handling equipment part fabrication. We have more than 70 years of experience in the industry, and we complete jobs with quick turnaround times and excellent customer service.

Why Choose Custom Material Handling Equipment Over Off-the-Shelf?

Off-the-shelf shelving, carts and other similar products can manage basic tasks, but they’re often inadequate in many fields that use specialized equipment or require intense precision and reliability. How a customer handles their gear won’t add any direct monetary value to the services, but it can help lower operational costs and position themselves for higher production efficiency.

We can tailor your storage units to fit equipment down to every specification, from dimensions to weight, which means you won’t have to worry about sudden breakages or other malfunctions. Custom fabrication also allows you to maximize your available space, as we can help to minimize the handling equipment’s footprint without sacrificing quality.

It’s worth noting that the Occupational Health and Safety Administration found that manual material handling is the primary cause of compensable injuries in the country’s workforce. Reliable handling apparatuses will keep materials and employees safe, which means no tragedies, messy legal fights or wasted inventory.

What Can We Craft With Our Material Handling Equipment Fabrication?

We can apply our advanced sheet metal fabrication processes to a variety of different projects, as we have experience in creating a vast range of material handling equipment and parts. Some examples include:

  • Carts and Racks: Two essential items in a factory or shop, we can vary the size and shapes of your carts and shelves to optimize handling processes. We can even create them to be stationary or mobile, which provides flexibility.

  • Conveyor Belt Systems and Parts: Custom conveyor belt part fabrication is another application that offers a lot of flexibility for different industries, like packing facilities, shipping centers and assembly lines. We can create components for any variation of these systems, like the traditional models that support the products from underneath or more space-efficient models that attach products from above. We can forge woven or hinged belts, as well as roller conveyors.

  • Crates: If you require heavy-duty storage solutions that can withstand extensive handling and travel, we can create custom shipping crates that safely hold different items. You can have them equipped with various features to suit varied needs, including waterproofing and locks.

If you don’t see your potential solution listed here, there’s no reason to worry. We continuously take on new projects, so all you need to do is reach out to us and ask.

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