Metal Rolling

Metal Rolling & Forming

Steel plate rolling is a process that creates bends in different materials as we work with aluminum, steel, stainless and galvanized steel, perforated metal and other resources. APX York Sheet Metal specialists can create products like channels, enclosures, frames, cones, hoppers, ductwork, machine housings, molds, stacks, piping and bridges. We can also create rolled tanks, guards, chutes and dozens of items while our machines maintain repeatability and accuracy.


Depending on the piece at hand, we can roll a variety of thicknesses and sizes, but we usually don’t roll more than a 3/8-inch diameter on either of our rollers. One of our machines can roll a width up to 60 inches with a large circumference. However, the maximum thickness and length it can construct depends on the shape of the part you wish to design. Our smaller forming tool can roll up to 40 inches in width with a small circumference, but the greatest length and thickness also depends on the project.

Our steel plate rolling in northern Maryland can include plate, I-beam, channel, pipe, heat induction, angle, solid bar and flat bar rolling to generate U- or V-bends.

Custom Tubing and Cylinders

When you need steel tube rolling in central Pennsylvania, APX York Sheet Metal can roll steel and aluminum plates plus various other materials. Our experts can form cylinders and cylinder segments along with full cones and parts. We roll sheets or plates to form products such as conveyor pipes, downspouts and other applications.

We roll materials into tubular shapes, as well as eccentric and centric cones. APX York Sheet Metal can customize tubing and cylinders from lightweight gauge pipe or heavy plate rolling for ventilation systems and metal ductwork respectively — and we can craft everything in between. We work with a range of elements and grades, and also use the rolling technique to craft helical shapes.

Steel Plate & Metal Rolling Capabilities

APX York Sheet Metal can work with thick and thin materials of any kind. The narrower the width entering the roller machines means we can roll a thicker plate. For example, we can fashion dense materials to tight diameters. We can take a piece that’s 2 inches thick by 10 inches and roll it to be 19 inches in diameter.

The type and grade of the material determine what the largest dimension we can roll is, along with the minimum radii. When it comes to harder substances, the plate rolling dimensions become smaller and the smallest radii increases. Our professionals can perform structural and plate rolling, heat induction and plate forming, and cold and hot cambering.

Our Technology

At APX York Sheet Metal, we use machines called rollers to design various cylinder and tube designs. The roller pinches the material between two rollers and curves it as it comes in contact with the back roll to create a cylinder form. We then weld it together to craft a cylinder or whatever shape you require. The upper roller is in a fixed position, and the lower is adjustable to grip the material while the third roll, or the forming component, is also adjustable.

Choose APX York Sheet Metal

APX York Sheet Metal is your go-to sheet metal rolling company in central Pennsylvania. As a family-owned business for 71 years, we know every detail of the metal rolling technique and have perfected the method. When you choose our steel plate rolling services, you will receive efficient turnaround times and superior customer service. We will work with you during the process to ensure the perfect design.

Our specialists can take on massive projects that require large quantities of material or more intricate and detailed jobs depending on your needs. We handle all the processes and shipments in-house to give you incredible reliability. If you have further questions or want to learn more about our steel plate rolling and metal forming processes, you can contact us online or speak with an APX York Sheet Metal representative.