Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Fabricated Parts

If you are searching for custom metal fabrication in Central PA, APX York Sheet Metal can fabricate sheet metal into customized parts to support industrial applications such as OEM parts & offer solutions for construction equipment manufacturers and material handling. We produce the metal solutions you need and our skilled craftsmen implement a variety of methods to design specific workpieces.

What Is Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Custom metal cutting in Northern Maryland by APX York Sheet Metal is a subtractive manufacturing process that creates parts by removing material. Our experts use several machines and tools to fabricate different shapes. Shearing, turning, threading, milling and other processes exist, and we can form anything from bolts and automobile parts to industrial enclosures and other products for your business.

Custom Metal Fabrication Process

The process involves various machines and methods depending on the type of end results you’re searching for. For example, the procedure can include laser cutting, bending, inserts, welding, grinding, powder coating and others. Here’s a quick rundown of varying processes:

  • Bending: A machine bends the work piece to form contours, flanges, seams, curls, corrugations and other shapes. The method uses applied force from pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical machines.

  • Conventional and turret shearing: Conventional shearing is where we cut material using a scissor-like action, often in a straight line, and the turret is where our craftsmen cut the metal by using shaped punches.

  • Sawing: The technique uses sharp saw blade teeth to chip away small amounts of material.

  • Tapping: Tapping creates internal threads using a tool with multiple teeth.

  • Boring: Technicians use a hollow workpiece and the boring process delivers an internal circular profile.

  • Turning: Using a cutting tool to craft custom shapes, a machine rotates the workpiece on an axis.

  • Drilling: We use a fluted cutting tool to form holes.

  • Milling: The milling method removes small pieces of material using a rotating cutter.

  • Grinding: An abrasive grain wheel completes processes like cylindrical, internal and centerless grinding to fashion the chip removal process.

  • Laser cutting: With a high-density beam of light, the focused energy targets areas to form different pieces.

  • Wire EDM: Wire EDM produces shapes using a moving wire that has rapid spark discharges.

  • Waterjet: The waterjet procedure acts like a saw and can cut intricate shapes using highly-pressurized water.

The process of forming tailored sheet metal parts begins with cutting and forming, then ends with assembly and final touches.

Industries Served

APX York Sheet Metal supports industries across the board — even ones that may not be listed below. No matter the custom sheet metal fabrication services you require, our professionals have you covered:

  • Construction equipment manufacturers

  • Custom performance fabrications

  • Energy and environmental solution providers

  • Industrial enclosures and cabinets

  • Manufacturing and machinery OEMs

  • Material handling and logistics solution providers

  • Web handling and printing equipment OEMs

Choose APX York Sheet Metal

Are you searching for custom sheet metal fabricating in Northern Maryland? As your go-to custom sheet metal fabrication company in Central PA, APX York Sheet Metal is a family-owned business that provides quick turnarounds and excellent customer service. Our professionals take on massive projects and also support more intricate jobs. We handle our processes and shipments in-house and don’t outsource any part of the fabrication process.

APX York Sheet Metal delivers custom sheet metal parts in Northern Maryland that are reliable and top-quality. Read our blog to learn more about trends or submit a contact form for a free quote. You can also call us at 717-767-2704.

All of our fabricated metal products are made in the USA.

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