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Laser Cutting Services

Are you in need of precision laser cutting services in northern Maryland or central Pennsylvania? Then you could likely benefit from our services as a leading provider of precision metal cutting in central Pennsylvania for decades.

Precision Laser Cutting Process

The precision laser cutting process is a relatively new one that has evolved along with the rise of ever more powerful computers with increasingly accurate computing power. Once a design is input into the computer, the computer guides the laser over a piece of sheet metal to vaporize, burn, melt or blow away with gas the excess material. What remains is the desired shape that has an edge with a top-quality surface finish.

Just like with a conventional milling machine, precision laser cutting allows for cutting on the x, y and z axes. However, the difference is that a laser cutter uses a high-powered laser, not a drill, to make incisions. It’s important to note that laser cutting is best for designs that can be cut from the edge of the material. If this isn’t possible, a pierce cut needs to be made in the material, which adds seconds to the total production process.

There are several types of materials that can be used as input materials for our laser cutting services in central Pennsylvania, such as:

  • Plain steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Aluminum

  • Spring steel

  • Titanium

  • Nickel

Benefits of Laser Cutting

The benefits of precision laser cutting over other types of cutting are considerable:

  • The high-powered laser jet has the capability to cut extremely complex shapes.

  • There’s no damage to the material during the cutting process — and therefore no distortion.

  • The process is highly versatile, since changes can be input into the computer and rapidly incorporated into the production process.

  • It’s environmentally friendly, since there are no harmful byproducts.

  • It’s safer, with lower risk of personnel injuries.

Our Technology and Capabilities

Our 65,000-square-foot facility is a one-stop shop for all your laser cutting needs. As our numerous repeat clients from around the region have come to expect from us, we always make sure to have the most advanced technology for laser cutting in-house, including:

  • Amada 3015 6,000 Watt

  • Amada 3015 3,500 Watt

  • Trumpf 4,000 Watt

  • Amada Pega Punch 367 Horizontal Turit

  • Cincinnati Plate Shear 10 Foot

  • Trumpf 240 Machining Center Vertical Turit

  • RW Whitney 30-Ton Duplicator

  • DoAll Vertical Band Saw

  • FMB Horizontal Band Saw

We have the capabilities to handle larger quantities and bigger jobs, as well as small quantity or specialty jobs that require more intricate work.

Choose APX York Sheet Metal for
Laser Cutting Services

As one of the leading laser cutting companies in central Pennsylvania, we make it our mission to always produce fabrications we would purchase ourselves — that’s how high our quality standards are! Our laser cutting processes are efficient and reliable. Plus, we handle all our shipping in-house so you can be sure of a timely delivery.

If you are interested in what more than 70 years of metal bending and laser cutting expertise and experience can do for you, contact us. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss your precision laser cutting needs with you in order to see how we can help.