Electronics technology

Metal Fabrication for the Electronic Industry

Unless it’s farming in Amish country, it’s overwhelmingly likely that your company serves customers that rely heavily on electronics to run their business efficiently.

One of the top priorities should be to place those electronics in a situation that allows them to perform at peak capacity for as long as possible. Different work environments can raise different challenges to this goal, as various liquids, temperatures and other circumstances can play a role in electrical failings and malfunctions.

If you’re looking for sturdy, custom electronic enclosures, APX York Sheet Metal can assist you. We offer custom metal fabrication throughout central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, as we do all our work out of an accessible, up-to-date facility in York, PA, that spans 65,000 square feet.

We’ve helped a vast array of industries since opening our doors in 1946, which makes us capable of taking on any project, including fabricating metal enclosures for electronics.

Why Is Custom Electronic Housing Necessary?

Electronic components are invaluable, yet fragile. Just like how one mistyped character in a page’s code can ruin the whole algorithm, one hiccup in an electrical system can cause malfunctions and shutdowns. Unlike codes, however, electronics don’t have the benefit of being virtual.

Extensive heat exposure, water or other liquid runoff and typical wear and tear can quickly hamper electronics throughout a range of buildings and sites. We can work with a variety of different metals — like steel and aluminum — to create sturdy plates, panels, chassis and casings you can mount in different areas of a property, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. It’s important to note that many potentially hazardous facilities, like chemical plants and coal mines, often require housings to abide by regulations.

No matter what the purpose is, we can create custom electronic enclosures that protect printed circuit boards, capacitors, displays, wires, connectors and other parts, so they will be able to function safely without fear of outside factors ruining anything.

How Do We Create Electronic Enclosures?

We handle every aspect of your project in-house, which means we will perform laser-cutting, bending, welding, grinding and finishing, which includes painting and powder coating.

Our extensive capabilities mean we can create your housings to meet spacing and routing needs, which will ensure all of the necessary components fit correctly. We will build our electronic enclosures to be sturdy and resistant to the elements while simultaneously allowing easy access for inspections and repairs.

Once we have an understanding of your design, you can select which metal would work best for your project. Stainless and carbon steel are incredibly durable while still offering corrosion, moisture and bacterial resistance. Aluminum is more lightweight than steel, but its high corrosion and electromagnetic frequency resistance make it a reliable option. Aluminum is also easier to shape into different dimensions.

After we cut and shape the metal to form the basis of your custom enclosure, you can also select from different finishes to complete the process. Whether the paint job is for aesthetics or practicality, we can deliver on your vision.

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