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4 Ways to Reduce Sheet Metal Fabrication Costs

If you need a specialty part or piece fabricated from metal for a specific requirement, contact APX York Sheet Metal. We offer expert custom metal fabrication to businesses in the mid-Atlantic region and specialize in bending, laser cutting, welding, grinding, inserts and powder coating. We complete all processes at our Pennsylvania facility.

Custom sheet metal fabrication creates strong parts that last and can be used in a wide range of industries. Ultimately, the decision to use custom-fabricated components will save your business money. But machinery and labor expenses can drive up costs if the fabrication process is not handled correctly. That’s why you need APX York Sheet Metal.

Why Is Sheet Metal Fabrication Expensive?

Sheet metal fabrication is expensive because the tools and machines required to cut, bend and finish are costly. In addition, the labor required to operate these tools and machines is expensive. The more intricate the design and the bigger the quantity, the more your job will cost.

The good news is that purchasing a fabricated product made by experienced technicians saves money in the long run. That’s because fabricated metal is exceptionally strong and much less likely to degrade in high heat. Plus, metal can tolerate a broad range of fabrication processes — many more than plastic.

Ultimately, custom metal fabrication winds up costing less, especially if you need a bigger production run.

Ways to Reduce Manufacturing Costs

At APX York Sheet Metal, we understand that you want to get the strongest, best-made custom fabricated parts at a fair price. In order to save on manufacturing costs, we recommend:

  • Asking for our advice. Take advantage of our 71 years in the business. Our fabricators have built nearly countless products, and many might be similar to yours. Don’t hesitate to ask if you think there may be a better way.
  • Inquiring about new processes. APX York Sheet Metal constantly updates our machinery and processes. Ask us if there are fabrication alternatives that could save you money.
  • Using the right material. APX York Sheet Metal can help you choose the right metal or alloy for cost savings, especially if you are creating a prototype.
  • Simplifying your design. Complex designs with small bends, thick gauges and tight tolerances are costlier to produce. We may be able to help you simplify your design to reduce manufacturing costs.

About APX York Sheet Metal

APX York Sheet Metal is a family-owned business with a 71-year history in the industry. Many of our employees have over 25 years of experience. This allows us to provide an exceptional level of service and know-how, whether you bring us a large job or a smaller specialty project.

APX York Sheet Metal is a one-stop shop. We do not outsource any part of the sheet metal fabrication process, including powder coating and shipments. We offer fast turnaround times and free quotes. When you need expert custom metal fabrication services, contact APX York Sheet Metal for more information.

Contact APX York Sheet Metal Today

APX York Sheet Metal is proud to be a leading sheet metal fabrication company in the mid-Atlantic region. We use the highest-quality materials and the latest technologies to fabricate sheet metal expertly and efficiently.

For more information about APX York Sheet Metal, or to inquire about pricing on your custom metal fabrication job, call us at (717) 767-2704 or complete our online contact form today.

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