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Why aluminum is one of the most popular metal?

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals used throughout a variety of industries because, when fabricated the right way, it offers a wide range of benefits. 

Aluminum fabrication is the process of cutting, shaping, and extruding aluminum into a finished product. Compared to other types of metal, aluminum is a popular choice for fabrication because it is lightweight, corrosion resistant, strong, non-sparking, and non-magnetic. Aluminum is also malleable, which makes it highly adaptable to shaping and extension.


As a metal, aluminum offers a range of different advantages that make it a great choice for metal fabrication projects, such as:

·       Lightweight: aluminum weighs a third of the weight of stainless steel and offers a higher strength-to-weight ratio.

·        Customizability—aluminum can be fabricated into a wide range of different shapes and styles with varying finishes. Such as aluminium bending or aluminium rolling.

·       Easy to work with. Since it is a soft material aluminum is easy to bend or roll.

·       Cost effective aluminum is an affordable metal, making it ideal for both small scale and heavy industrial applications.

·       Non-magnetic aluminum can be used in electrical applications where system components are sensitive to magnets.

·       Corrosion resistant. Compared to plastic fabrication, aluminum does not corrode over time because it’s resistant to wear and tear. It’s perfect for environments that experience high temperatures, repeated friction or chemical elements.

·       Recyclable and non-toxik.


The typical processes we use at APX York Sheet Metal for aluminum sheet metal fabrication in northern Maryland include laser cutting, welding, aluminium bending, inserts, pem, grinding, aluminium rolling and painting. We begin by cutting the material using various tools, and then we form the aluminum into your desired shape. We join several pieces by brazing or welding, using adhesives or by other means. We finish the product with powder and paint coatings. 

Contact APX for Precision Laser Cutting Services

APX York Sheet Metal is one of the leading laser cutting companies in central Pennsylvania, and we’re ready to produce high-quality fabrications for you. If you need any kind of aluminium fabrication central Pennsylvania count on APX York Sheet Metal. We can create your custom aluminum parts no matter the industry in which you work. Our laser cutting services allow us to cut extremely complex shapes and work with various materials. If you have any questions or want to see how our 70 years of laser cutting expertise and metal bending experience can benefit you, please contact us today.

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