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Choosing Sheet Metal Thickness

Custom sheet metal fabrication is a precise art and science. Creating the sheet metal that goes into your design revolves around bonding, forming, cutting and assembling pieces that fit together as an object or machine. At APX York Sheet Metal, we perform custom sheet metal fabrication to meet the demands of projects both large and small.

We serve a variety of industries. So how do we go about selecting the proper thickness for sheet metal projects?

How to Decide Sheet Metal Thickness: The Bigger Picture

Sheet metal can be crafted into just about any object imaginable. Using custom sheet metal technology, our experts mold tailor-made pieces to suit companies across the Mid-Atlantic region. We are able to create a number of custom projects for businesses thanks to sheet metal’s pliability.

What do we mean? Sheet metal is available in a variety of thicknesses to match what our experts are trying to build. One of the most important parts of custom sheet metal fabrication is selecting the correct gauge for the job.

Sheet Metal Qualities

Selecting sheet metal thickness requires familiarity with material gauges. With custom sheet metal fabrication, always note that the higher the number of the gauge, the thinner the metal. The thicker the piece of sheet metal, the heavier in weight the material is for building.

Our team has to pay close attention to these factors when serving clients because sheet metal objects can be dangerous if weight and thickness are ignored. APX York Sheet Metal measures gauge down to the thousandth of an inch to ensure even balance and to create a tight fit for all the pieces of your project.

Why Sheet Metal Thickness Matters

The thickness of sheet metal affects the workflow of a job from beginning to end. With each custom sheet metal fabrication design, our team plans every move to match the blueprint. This means that how we go about completing projects depends on the thickness of the material we are working with.

Steps in the custom fabrication process such as bending and cutting require us to choose the proper thickness and tools for each job. Sheet metal that is smaller in gauge calls for more pressure to bend and stronger equipment to cut with ease. Fortunately, our team has the skills, tools and knowledge to laser-cut, bend, weld, grind and powder-coat sheet metal for any size project.

Working With APX York Sheet Metal

Completing custom sheet metal fabrication is a complicated process, but APX York Sheet Metal understands how to make products both efficient and functional. We take the necessary steps to discover as much as we can about your product and fabrication needs. Whether your design will be exposed to intense weather conditions or holds immense weight, APX York Sheet Metal creates custom sheet metal fabrication parts for a number of industries throughout Pennsylvania.

With 71 years in business, our family-owned operation specializes in OEM manufacturing parts, industrial enclosures and cabinets, construction equipment and more. We offer a quick turnaround on custom sheet metal fabrication and shipping is handled in-house for accuracy.

For more information about APX York Sheet Metal and our services, contact us for a quote today to see how we can bring your next project to life.

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